natalie mik yoniya

Natalie Mik [miːkə] aka Yon (born 1984, Düsseldorf) is a choreographer and performer based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Interested in archiving as an aesthetic practice, she creates live and video performances where the dancerly body documents and reenacts historically and critically neglected subjects. Some of her works are presented in conjunction with installations or video projections. Mik was trained in Ballet and Western modern dance before she received a M.A. in cultural studies with a focus on Asian history.

“How does bodily memory shape historicity and what is the potentiality of writing history through dance? A body remembers a past differently from the mind and it is a starting point of self-reflection and a place of phenomenological encounters with the world. My performances are dedicated to invisible people and forgotten places. They are documented through my decaying body and my movements become a fleeting evidence of their absence. This way of documenting is a hopeful effort of archiving a past that a word, an image or the mind cannot bear.”



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