Natalie Mik is a Korean-German performer and writer.

Natalie Mik's practice involves the reassessment, collection and preservation of intangible cultures and bodies in relation to ethnic and historical contexts. Her practice is also interested in the performative and the post-fetishist potential of the archive. The psychophysical existence of the archivist, and the performance of archiving itself are also considered to explore themes of historiography, memory and decolonization. 

Mik's works are usually realized as words (written or spoken) and bodily movement. With a focus on human interactions and social processes, her work seeks to counterbalance Euro-normative modes of artistic production and presentation; modes that have overvalued the status of the object over the immaterial, rationality over spirituality and the eye over other senses. 

Her ongoing projects include Project Embodiedan anti-archive that collects time-sensitive art through the memory of writers; Physical Thinking, a series of sensory and physical studies that examine the potential of the body as a living archive; and Movements, an archive for archetypal and culture-specific movements, gestures and postures. She is the co-founder and director of Grab Bag Studio, a community art project space in Long Beach, California. 


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Natalie Mik
b. 1984 Germany, based in Los Angeles

2012 MA, Korean Studies & Sociology, Seoul National University / South Korea.
2009 BA, Asian Studies, University of Bonn / Germany.
2005 Dancer, Ballethaus Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Duesseldorf / Germany.
2003 Ausbildung, Ballet and Modern Dance, Ballethaus Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Duesseldorf / Germany.