Yon Natalie Mik

Yon Natalie Mik [miːkə]

(born 1984, Düsseldorf) is a dance-based performance artist based in Berlin and Los Angeles. Interested in archiving as an artistic practice, she creates live and video performances where the choreographic body documents historically and critically neglected subjects with regards to techniques of representation in the information age. Mik was trained in Ballet and Western modern dance before she received a M.A. in East Asian Studies. Her Ph.D. in Performing Arts discusses the choreographic use of ghost figures as an artistic strategy for historiography.

“What is the potentiality of writing history through dance? How does bodily memory disrupt historicity? My performance artifacts give testimony to forgotten people and invisible places. They are documented through my decaying body and movements become a fleeting evidence of their absence. Documenting through embodiment is a hopeful effort of writing a past that a word, an image or an object cannot bear.”



PAM invites you to the launch party of The Invisible Archive, a new journal of performance art in Los Angeles edited by Virginia Arce & Natalie Mik and published by Goodbye Books. Contributors of this special inaugural edition are Cindy Rehm, Kim Zumpfe, Heisue Chung-Matheu and Grace Hwang.

Born from an urgency to produce new analysis on how artistic strategies of performativity and embodiment complicate and inform conditions of the present, each edition uses the in-depth interview to critically reflect on and archive the practice of one artist. We invite writers, artists, and inquisitors of culture to expand the discourse of performance art and to manifest new relationships between rigorous writing, research, with the radical nature of the time itself.

  • March 24th, 2-4pm

  • 5810 1/2 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, California 90042

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