Natalie Mik (born 1984 Duesseldorf, based in Los Angeles) is a Korean-German artist and independent curator of performance art. 

Mik's work coexists in the intersection between sociological research, dance and installation art. The work aims to document and tell stories about immaterial, marginalized or disenfranchised cultures through a personal, political and imaginative perspective. It aims to speak for or represent the ‘other’ or the 'unknown', either by interacting with them or experiencing the other in the self. Corporeal expression and performativity (with it the notion of time and ephemerality) are favoured metaphors that are used to represent the (in)visibility of the stories explored. Independent documentation (performative writing), and critical survey on the traditions of knowledge production, translation practice and the archive are often used as filters and strategies to examine the topics within the works. 

Natalie Mik organizes Project Embodied, a curated archive initiative that documents performative, time-based and experiential works. She is the co-founder of Grab Bag Studio, a collective studio and alternative art space in Long Beach (California) and the curatorial research assistant of the Korean art department at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.