Natalie Mik (b. 1984 Duesseldorf, based in Los Angeles) is a Korean-German performer and curator.  

Mik assesses, collects, organizes and preserves the invisible. She creates studies, interventions and archives that examine intangible cultures and non-visual traditions. Skeptical towards traditional archival practice, her work is interested in the performative and the post-fetishist potential of the archive. The psychophysical existence of the archivist, and the performance of archiving itself are also considered to explore themes of historiography (=writing of history), memory and decolonization. 

Mik's works are realized as writings, spoken words, corporeal movements and remnants from conversations. The works decidedly have a non-visual focus as a means to put Euro-normative traditions of artistic production and display up for interrogation. With a focus on human interactions and social processes, her work resists institutional and capitalistic modes of art; modes that have overvalued the status of the produced object over the immaterial, rationality over spirituality and the eye over other senses.

Her latest ongoing project titled Project Embodied presents an archive that collects performative art through the memory of writers. She has co-founded Grab Bag Studio, an alternative art space in Long Beach and serves as a translator and researcher of Korean Art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.