Natalie Mik aka Yoniya (b. 1984, Düsseldorf) is a performer and writer based in Los Angeles. She studied and danced at the Opernhaus Düsseldorf before she received her B.A. in Asian Studies from the Universität Bonn and her M.A. in Cultural Studies from the Seoul National University. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Performing Arts with a research focus in performance art historiography. Recent presentations of her artistic work include performances at The Los Angeles County Museum of Art; Werkartz, Los Angeles; Downtown Art Center, Los Angeles; Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach; Corner Art Space, Seoul.

Mik's work aims to document and reenact embodied knowledge of the past through dance and other bodily practices. At the intersection of dance, theater and performance art, she creates movement-based documentaries of invisible, marginalized and forgotten people and places. Interested in archiving as an aesthetic practice, these works also explore how the body and its movements produce and circulate knowledge. Her live performances consider the social & psychoanalytical existence of the performer and the audience, to look at ideas of historicity and memory. Her choreography is reflective of her multiethnic upbringing and borrows languages from various dance and theater traditions including Talchum, Noh, Topeng as well as ballet and contemporary dance. 









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