Yon Natalie Mik [miːkΙ™] works as a performer, writer and researcher of dance and performance art. She was trained in Ballet before pursuing her graduate degree in Asian Studies. Her Ph.D. in Performing Arts examines the choreographic use of spectrality as an artistic strategy for reparative historiography. Mik co-organizes The Invisible Archive, a peer-reviewed journal publication that promotes artist-led critique and discourse around performance and time-sensitive art. She is based in Berlin and Los Angeles.

By adopting ideas of amnesia, aesthetic documenting and performative witnessing into her choreographic practice, Yon Natalie Mik creates live and video performances where her dancerly bodies reenact historically or critically neglected subjects. Using movements and their images to make invisible bodies visible also presents an effort to explore representation techniques in the digital public space and information age we are living in.


June 12, 2019 (15:00 - 18:00)

Caligo - Documenting Love (Performance-installation)

Caligo - Documenting Love is a birthday present to you who once said that written words can be a testimony of our feelings. I made a dance because I don’t write letters. An afterlight of longings, the body is in pain, wrapped in mist and earthy air it gives testimony to all the things you never saw.

This is a durational piece that can be joined at any time between 3 and 6pm on June 12, 2019. The passerby is invited to pause, watch and listen to the sounds by using the QR Code that connects to the project's website. Caligo is a free performance that takes place inside a glass cabinet at the Berlin Kleistpark subway station.

The performance is part of the exhibition and exchange program B-LA CONNECT / STRATIGRAPHY SEQUENCE curated by Katie Shanks (ARLA) and hosted A-Trans (Isolde Nagel).

May 31, 2019 (22:42 - 23:00)

not see, no longer see, do not yet see (Live Performance)

not see, no longer see, do not yet see is a movement-based meditation paired with words about the space of blindness with regards to its imaginary boundaries. How do two blind people love each other? How do people love when there are no boundaries in sight, voice and touch? The dancerly body becomes blind as she immerses into an action rooted in memory, anticipation, and dependence with her audience.

Organized by gemelos 2000 at BcmA (Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin) as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

May 30, 2019 (22:22 - 23:23)

Black Odonata II (Live Performance)

Black Odonata II aims to document how ghostly memories of Ohaguro have molded our gaze and deformed our bodies. Mostly known under its Japanese name Ohaguro, the term refers to a largely vanished ancient Asian tradition, namely a beauty ritual of blackening teeth. The ghost of Black Odonata returns as a dragonfly nymph. Four short dances tell the story from the perspective of the four life cycle stages of a dragonfly. Black Odonata I was performed at CAI, Los Angeles in the summer of 2018.

Organized by gemelos 2000 at BcmA (Manteuffelstr. 42, 10997 Berlin) as part of the Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

Studio Ghosts (Video Performance) - Exhibition period: 4/20/2019 - 6/2/2019

Curated by Takeshi Kanemura, 192 Arts Space, Here is Now: 2019 Joint Exhibitions of Galleries in Tainan, Taiwan.


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