Natalie Mik aka Yoniya (b. 1984, Düsseldorf) is a performer and scholar based in Berlin and Los Angeles. She studied and danced at the Opernhaus Düsseldorf before she received her MA in cultural studies. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Performing Arts with a research focus in dance, theater and performance art historiography. 


natalie mik yoniya

Interested in archiving as an aesthetic and performative practice, my work documents and reenacts knowledge of the past through dance-theater-based performances. How does memory shape historicity and what is the potentiality of a written history using the human body? A body remembers the past differently from the mind and it is a starting point of self-reflection and a place of phenomenological encounters with the world. Invisible and forgotten people and places are preserved through my own decaying body and the fleeting movements become evidence of their absence.  It is a hopeful and resistant effort of writing history that language and the mind cannot bear.  My choreography is reflective of my multi-ethnic upbringing and borrows expressions from various dance and theater traditions including Talchum, Noh, Topeng as well as ballet and modern dance.



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