Afterlight, 2018

Painting-Video Installation and performance



Afterlight was a collaboration with painter Virginia Broersma which consisted of a painting-video installation paired with four live performances of each 30 minutes. Through the use of the different mediums (painting, video art, live performance), the work aimed to remember forgotten and invisible bodies through ideas of ephemerality and permanence. The work was expanded with words by Virginia Arce and the video was produced with Christian Alvarez. 

Interested in the human body as a site where power is contested and negotiated, Broersma and I took our previous conversation at Grab Bag Studio as a starting point to create an artistic reassessment of the body with regards to issues of historiography, gender, and visibility politics. The installation used three moving walls which were painted by Broersma presenting the most tangible and still layer of this work. The walls were again projected by a 3-channel video with bodies moving in and out of the frame exploring notions of visibility and invisibility. Each of the projected bodies moved in different slow-motion tempi suggesting temporal elasticities of time. A final layer of time and space was added through a live performance which presented a half choreography-led dance that used movements, gestures and postures depicting a body at a vanishing point of history. Afterlight was presented at the Latin American Museum of Art (MoLAA) in Long Beach, California.



Afterlight video stills and Afterlight poem by Virginia Arce: 

Afterlight Installation Images:

Afterlight Live Performance Images:


Photo and video documentation by Christian Alvarez