Caligo, 2019

Live performance (2:00:00)

Choreography, performance, installation: Natalie Mik / Camera: Micaela Terk

Caligo was a public installation and dance performance which took place inside a glass vitrine at the Berlin subway station Kleistpark. The performance was part of the B-LA CONNECT program and STRATIGRAPHY SEQUENCE organized by ARLA and A-Trans.

Caligo performance 2 (1).jpg

Before time and space met.

At the hour of primordial void,

there was no darkness,

no earth,

no love.

Caligo performance trans 6.png

A body inside an isolated space with growing entropy.

Desperately documenting the undocumentable:

Love, blindness and belief.

Caligo a.JPG

Preserved energy.

Isolated system.

Entropy grows.

Caligo performance 5 (1).JPG
caligo 1.JPG

-459 Fahrenheit.

Absolute zero.

caligo end.JPG