Studies on Squats, ongoing

Live performance (00:15:00), chair, sound with narration

Choreography, performance and text/narration: Yon Natalie Mik / Photography: Michele Caliari / Videography: Saien Tsai


A squatting ghost and the empty chair.

Movements question a history of gender and race through the lens of the technological invention of the chair and the squatting position, also known as the Asian squat, Slav squat or prison pose.


Sometimes we forget that the body is a site of its own unstable construction.

My body is always foreign to itself.

empty chair 1.jpg

Squatting is to take up space and to strike my roots down to the earth.


The lost of our childhood squatting is an absurdity. Have we lost something in attitude as we have gained in altitude? (From “How the chair conquered the word”)