Poetics of Relation, 2016

Writing and curation

DAC Gallery, Los Angeles


Poetics of Relation was a collaborative project that investigated ideas and modalities of interdisciplinarity in artistic expressions. While Éduard Glissant's same-titled book 'Poetics of Relation' was used as a theoretical framework, my experience learning about DAC’s non-profit work for outsider artists was the inspiration and starting point for this project. Through the coming together of artists who worked in different disciplines, a notion of interdisciplinarity as a hopeful and performative force that can invent a new language towards more tolerance among different cultures was suggested. My contribution was the curation part and a poem titlted ‘Poetics of Relation’ that was hand-screen printed by Michael Nannery/Kiyomi Fukui and designed by Arms Studio.

The exhibition was on view at the DAC Gallery, Los Angeles and presented works by Matthew Grant Anson, Kiyomi Fukui, Cheryl Humphreys, Olga Lah, Elena Manferdini, Mike Mcmullen, Michael Nannery and Miggie Wong. A beautiful art catalog was designed and printed by Arms Studio.


Photo: Erin Wolfe.