love story

Before he found himself, he found her. Before meeting her, he strayed. Not knowing where to go, what to discover, what to conquer. Before he strayed, he was banned from a place that he used to call his home. But his errantry was not an uncontrolled impulse of abandonment. It became a transformative mode of history. He refused the logic of linear sequences as the only valuable logic. Because he lived a story of ruptures, to live linear time would mean a continued blindness to his own crazed history.

Encountering her awakened his imagination - a force that could change mentalities; a poetics that could create an understanding of diversity. Like a rhizome he started growing stems into the vibrant grounds of his new home. He wanted to build a safe space for her and everyone, for full participation, now and in the future. His existence was no longer complete within his root, but also in the relationship with her. 

Fragile and revealing, born of a reality of relation and limited within reality by its dependence; striving to know the totality of the world yet already acknowledging that it will never be accomplished. That is precisely where he found the threatened beauty of the world. There was no basis of certainty. 

The visual translation of love story was created by Los Angeles based artists Cheryl Humphreys and Mike McMullen.