Puri, 2017 - ongoing

Public live performance (length various)

Location various 


Puri is a dance performance which takes place in various places of the world that remain as unresolved / uneasing or spiritual / mystical places to me. The work is an exploration and interpretation of the complexities - both fascinating and challenging - attached to geographical places and to identities shaped by migration, immigration and displacement. The title Puri is derived from the Korean word 'Salpuri' which refers to the ancient dance of female shamans who used their rituals to purge places, dispel evil and invite good. 'Sal' means evil energy and 'Puri' means resolving or solving. The word 'Salpuri' is nowadays more associated with a particular Korean traditional dance form which uses a white handkerchief and is recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by the Korean government. The Puri dance presents a half improvised and half choreography-led performance with movements inspired by Korean shamanistic practices, the Salpuri dance and Western modern dance forms.