Studio Ghosts, 2018

Single-Channel Video, 00:12:00

How does bodily memory shape myths of historicity and what is the potentiality of historiography through dance? Studio ghosts is a study of movements and started with these questions. A body remembers a past differently from the mind and it presents my starting point of self-reflection as place of phenomenological encounters.

Movements of my decaying body are dedicated to invisible people and forgotten places. Movements become a fleeting evidence of their absence in our world. This way of documenting a past is a hopeful effort of writing history that a word, an image or the mind cannot bear.

Movements depict feelings of haunting and support. In a dreamlike state, the two ghostly bodies enter in and out a faded space. They perceive, miss, find and supporting each other. Both bodies move in slow-motion, however, one ghost dances 20% and the other ghost 50% slower than real time, suggesting that they move in different time zones, yet somehow coexist in the white space. Movements show repetition, suspension, acceleration and deceleration exploring temporal elasticities and experiences of time.