Tracing Tomorrow

Group exhibition and case-study on artistic strategies for sustainability.

Tracing Tomorrow was a curatorial project and conversation about art and sustainability with Long Beach-based artist Michael Nannery The project was presented to the public in the form of a processed-based and performative group exhibition with works by Rob Brown, Krista Feld, Kiyomi Fukui, Narsiso Martinez, Neil Mathis, Troy Rounseville, Miggie Wong, Michael Nannery and Natalie Mik. The exhibition was on view at the Collective Arts Incubator

The group exhibition presented various artistic modes and strategies that can build social, political and ecological sustainability. It shared various artistic ideas for combating the status quo of neglect and destruction that contemporary society perpetuates. The artworks invited the audience to actively trace the path of our productions and imagine the value of what we will create tomorrow.

The goal was to make an easy exhibition that can inspire people to think about the relationship between art and sustainability. Michael's outlook on life and art served as a wonderful source for inspiration for this project. His perspective on using art to observe ecological growth and wastefulness, combined with my interest in conversation as material for sustainable living, offered us with an interesting starting conversation to invite a diverse group of artists whose works addressed various aspects of sustainability. Featured artworks were performative and activated either by the artists and/or visitors.